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How does this website translate from one language to another?

Translate King uses Google transliteration Application Programming Interface (API) which is a free online language translator. This API is the most accurate and widely used tool among all other language conversion tools.

This Free Burmese to Icelandic translator can translate text, words, sentences, dialogue, phrases, or a paragraph from one language to another. It provides multiple features such as switch language, copy text, save text as a word document, forward text, etc. Additionally, a simple and clean user interface is made to make this platform user-friendly. As per the requirements, choose your input and output language in the user interface.

How to use this platform to translate online from Burmese to Icelandic?

This tool can be frequently used for translation while online chatting. For that, Select Burmese to Icelandic translation while chatting with someone who understands Icelandic. Thereafter, type or paste the text into the input area and hit the space bar key, or click on the translate button.

The translated text can be copied and can be saved as a word document or txt format. To perform this, copy and save buttons are provided. A switch button is also provided in the user interface to interchange the selected languages. Therefore, anybody can directly jump to Icelandic to Burmese converter in a single click.

The mobile version of this website also has a send button, so that a user can directly forward the translated text on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Professionals such as content writer, website blogger, college students who are not comfortable to type in Icelandic, can also use as a Burmese to Icelandic typing software.

Importance of translation for a native language Burmese speaker.

According to Wikipedia, Burmese is spoken by 33 million people around the world. It is mainly spoken in Myanmar. Usually, people are more comfortable to write in their native language. Therefore, translation becomes important for native language-speaking people who want to communicate their feeling to other people.

This website gives an option to choose a native input language and the desired output. It can directly convert the typed text into a native script and, at the same time, translates it into the Icelandic language. It can also be used as Burmese <-> Icelandic dictionary and to practice Burmese to Icelandic translation with Burmese keyboard. Therefore, this free online language translation tool will be beneficial for the weaker background people.

Limitation of this tool

Google can translate Burmese to Icelandic as many text as you want but sometimes it can stop working due to some technical issue. If you find such an issue, please reach to our Facebook page. Sometimes online translation from Burmese into Icelandic can be inaccurate as online language translator software is not 100% accurate as a human translator. Still, it is close to very high accuracy. So please edit those sentences which look funny to you.

Most common spoken Burmese to Icelandic sentences

Click on sentence to copy
In BurmeseIn Icelandic
ဟယ်လို Halló
မင်္ဂလာနံနက်ခင်းပါ Góðan daginn
နေကောင်းလား? Hvernig hefurðu það?
ငါနေကောင်းပါတယ်။ Ég er góður.
ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ် Þakka þér fyrir
သင့်နာမည်ဘယ်လိုခေါ်လဲ? Hvað heitir þú?
တွေ့ရတာဝမ်းသာပါတယ်။ Gaman að hitta þig.
ကျွန်တော်ဘယ်လိုကူညီရမလဲ? Hvernig get ég aðstoðað þig?
သင်ဘာလုပ်ပါသလဲ? Hvað gerir þú?
မင်းလှတယ်။ Þú ert fallegur.
မင်းရဲ့တိုင်းပြည်ကိုငါချစ်တယ် Ég elska landið þitt.
ငါကအရသာရှိတယ်ထင်တယ် Mér finnst það bragðast vel.
ကျွန်တော်စိတ်မကောင်းပါဘူး။ Fyrirgefðu.
ဘာကိုဆိုလိုတာလဲ? Hvað meinarðu?
မင်းမနက်ဖြန်အခမဲ့လား Ertu laus á morgun?
မင်းနဲ့စကားပြောရတာကောင်းတယ် Það var gaman að spjalla við þig.
ကျေးဇူးအများကြီးတင်ပါတယ်။ Þakka þér kærlega fyrir.
မနက်ဖြန်တွေ့မယ်။ Sjáumst á morgun.
နုတ်ဆက်ပါတယ် Bless
ကောင်းသောညပါ Góða nótt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to translate Burmese to Icelandic?

  1. Click on this link
  2. Paste your word, text, sentence, a paragraph in the text area.
  3. Click on translate button.
  4. Copy your translated text by clicking copy button.

Which is the best translation services for Burmese to Icelandic?

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Bing
  4. Yandex
  5. Baidu

Are Google, Microsoft, Bing, Baidu translator free?

Yes, these tech companies are providing free services for everyone.

How does Burmese <-> Icelandic translator works?

Our free language translator sends API request to google and the response is translated text in Icelandic.

Is Google translator is accurate?

No, it is not 100% accurate as a professional translator. Because Google uses a neural machine translation learns from users input. Typed sentences and translated text gets saved in the Google database and it returns in the form of response if someone needed it. Although the tool delivers very decent translation that can help you to get the main idea of your query.

Can I type in Icelandic with Burmese Keyboard?

Yes, it is very easy to use this feature using this online translation website.

Can I download translated text?

Yes, There is an option to download the translated text as word and text file.

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